Monday, October 14, 2013

Goals of the Week 60

My non b/p goal of last week was to exercise every single day. I exercised 0 days out of 7, mostly because I took naps instead. The things I will give up in order to spend time with someone I like... Today I'm going to exercise though! My goal for this week is to exercise for 4 days, which I have marked on my calendar. I should make a goal of sleep time, but frankly I'd rather spend time with the guy than get shut eye. 
My other goal will be to tell the first guy that I just want to be friends. I have trouble doing that because I don't like hurting people's feelings, but I know his will be more hurt if I continue to lead him on. I plan to do that tomorrow after breakfast.
My b/p goal will be to eat three different food groups each day at each meal. This was recommended to me by my dietician (the first time I've ever seen one!) and I will go into more detail about her in my next post. So far today I've had protein, milk, and starch. Lunch will be fruit, dairy, and protein. 

What are your goals?


  1. Ugh preach. Good thing that the guy I'm seeing and I actually go lift together so it's just part of the daily routine. Take him with you! I also stay up until 330, 4 am every morning and I don't even need to half the time, I just do because he has homework so I might as well do mine.
    Great goal! Protein is sooooooo important, for metabolism, fat loss, and just overall feeling satiated. Good luck this week girl! I'm so excited that you found those butterflies again.

    My goal is to get my personal statement done, apply to another grad school program, get my transcripts from my summer courses sent to my current university, get a crap ton of homework done, oh, and not go crazy in the mean time. Have a great week love!

  2. Goals: veganism, three sun salutations a day (or normal yoga practice) and plank and side plank on each side for at least 45 seconds each. YES! :)

  3. Ooh, I love how you're splitting up your food groups. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your dietician, I hope she helps. And good luck telling the guy you just want to be friends. It's hard, but I know you can do it.
    My goals... Get my bone scan done, smoke less, make it through the week in one piece, hah.

    Have a great week dear <3 xx


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