Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Yesterday I barely slept a wink. My suitemates were up at freaking 3 in the morning going to the bathroom and slamming their doors. I wanted to get up and yell at them, but I wasn’t wearing pants.
So now I’m awake for my class and I feel like a dead slug.
My point with this post is that sleep is important in the journey to recovery. When I’m tired it’s so easy to not pay attention to what I’m eating, which leads to behaviors. Or I purposefully overeat on sugary foods so that I can stay awake. Plus being tired puts me in a grouchy mood, which opens the door to even more triggers than usual.
Ways to get more sleep?
1.    make time for it. I always go to bed at a certain time so that I will get 8 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, my plans don’t always work out, as evidenced by yesterday.
2.    Put your headphones in and turn up the static noise. If you’re like me and a really light sleeper, static might help cut out some of the noise that will wake you up. I didn’t do this yesterday, but I will in the future
3.    Be comfy. Turn up the heat, get another blanket, take off your socks, whatever. You can’t get to sleep if you’re uncomfortable
Anyone else having sleep issues? What are you having trouble with, and what helps?


  1. Pants would not have stopped me. I would have gotten out of bed. The girls in my dorm know that if I have to sleep for my over night job and my door opens they instantly get quiet and shut their doors haha. Dragon lady for sure.
    The past week and a half I've been up until four am doing homework so it's just been this constant zombie state.
    I feel like I've been eating more carbs which upsets me so totally understand that. That triggers unhappy thoughts about myself and sleep is important for my muscles repairing themselves. What's sleep though? Sigh.. college life...
    hugs dear

  2. I agree with Eve; being pants-less wouldn't stop me.
    It's definitely important to set aside enough time for a full 8 hours. I've also heard it's good to wake up at a regular time, regardless of when you go to sleep (if you want more sleep, go to bed earlier).
    I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I sleep on the couch because I have trauma issues with my bedroom, which probably doesn't help. But I need to be warm (ideally with an electric blanket), socks off, loose clothes, and be cuddling my little stuffed bunny, Boo.
    Oooh, I hadn't thought of static noise. I have a lot of problems with my sensitive hearing, thanks for the tip!

    Hope your week's going okay dear, even with your sleep struggles *hugs* xx

  3. Sorry to hear that you haven't had much rest :(
    I have trouble sleeping too, even without any background noises >< I think eating disorders are somehow related to insomnia....

    Hope things are going okay hun... xoxo <3

  4. I sleep with an eye mask on and the tv on in the background. I NEED noise to sleep. I have found that I can listen to music instead. Next time they do that let them know. Most people don't know how loud they actually are at night.

  5. You're definitely right about sleep. It doesn't help though that anorexia and insomnia come hand-in-hand. I hope your suitemates be more quiet so you can get some much-needed sleep soon!


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