Thursday, October 17, 2013

Triggers of New Relationships

1.    Should I tell him about my ED?
2.    Does he still like me?
3.    I can’t believe I said that when I was with him, he must think I’m so stupid now…
4.    What does he want from me? Is he using me?
5.    Does he think I’m too fat?
6.    Does he like what I’m doing to him?
7.    What will people think of us?
8.    What happens if this doesn’t work?

Any more you can think of?


  1. Can I just answer your questions? I'm pretty sure they're easier than making more. :)
    1. I really think that's at your discretion and at what level you judge your relationship to be. The first night K and I talked I told him and that was only because we were having a really deep conversation that was pretty open and so I told him and he told me things about himself he doesn't usually share. In that instance it worked out. I'm also not restricting anymore, just dealing with the after emotional effects, so that's a little easier to casually brush off. I would wait a little bit, see if he's also willing to share things about himself.

    2. Yes, pretty sure.
    3. You were drunk. I'm sure he doesn't care. God knows we've all be absolute idiots drunk at least once.

    4. You know, not everyone wants something or has an ulterior motive. Sometimes they just like who you are. Let him. Sometimes you gotta take a chance.

    5. Doubtful. He was touching you a lot and your thighs. Those are the girl fat freak out zone. Obviously he thinks you're attractive.

    6. Attraction is a powerful thing, so if he really is into you, I'm sure he does.

    7. Does it really matter? They aren't you, aren't in your situation. You shouldn't judge others for what they do and they shouldn't judge you. In the end, you just have to mind your own business and be confident in your decisions. The rest will follow. believe me, character and intent always shines through.

    8. Then you learned and enjoyed yourself. Always fins something you can take from a situation, the positive, because life is beautiful and sometimes we get to collide with people that teach us things.


  2. Look you are so much more than your ED - why don't you just leave it for now and get to know him and see if he is even worth you talking to him about everything.

    As I said before, stop over-thinking everything and have some fun..

  3. I agree with these ladies. Don't rush and don't worry so much. As long as you are enjoying yourself and not getting hurt nothing else matters.


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