Monday, October 21, 2013

Goals of the Week 61

My non b/p goal again was to exercise for 4 days, and again I exercised for 0. This is because of the new boy... I haven't been getting enough sleep. My non b/p goal is to get all my homework done on time. I have two days. 
The goal to tell the first guy that we are just friends...
I don't know how well that went. 
I told him we should be friends and see where it goes, which was not the right thing to say. I've been very distant since, but still nice to him. I don't think he's getting the message. 
My last goal was to get three different food groups at every meal. I did that! Even though some days I binged. I binged the last three days so that probably makes 5 for this week. Bad Emily. 
My goal for this week will be again to eat three food groups at every meal, and to record my eating for two days. 
Right now my head is pounding. 

What are your goals?


  1. You're doing wonderful on your goals my dear. Don't beat yourself up over not exercising. I didn't go for a month. Finally went back today. I'm so glad that you're eating and getting 3 food groups in. That's awesome. Keep it up darling.

  2. My goal is probably to get things done I should do... school things I mean which I've been avoiding again really skillfully. Good job Emily, the 3 three food groups sounded like the one that gave me chills on my back, but you managed it! I'm so proud of you!

  3. um. get everything done, sleep, and bake a cake for a friend. yeeah, and run, because even on my busiest days (like today) i still got in around 3 miles. exercising--like, dance in your apartment, do it before bed or when you first get up, go running, find creative ways. idk what you like to do, but let me know if you need inspiration. love you, take care.

  4. im sorry about your head honey
    awwwwwww. i am still always so amazed by how rational your goals are. and you need to hit that boy over the head.
    i love how rational you are. Ed isn't. ;D
    guess where i got that from?

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. good luck with this week. don't be too sad about this week. that being said i have no idea what my goals are this week at all! complete loss

  5. "Question: if people call you anorexic does it make you feel good because it means they think you're thin? Or are you offended?"
    yes and no. mostly on the no because i know i don't look like an anorectic at all and there's the fact they're sort of insulting every anorectic on the universe by calling me one. however, i like it because it means at least that they think i eat too little and that i'm thin, yes. but mostly offended.

    thanks for your comment, sweetie.
    not sure how i feel at the moment. if i'm more comfortable or not! lovely thing about it. you can tell from my above comment. i am a complete loss of whats going on this week.

    -Sam Lupin

  6. I'm so proud of you for getting three different food groups at every meal! Wow, you're amazing, especially since it must have been such a difficult challenge. Try not to worry too much about the binges. Recovery takes time, and it's not going to happen straight away. You're trying, and that's the main thing. Your body is in recovery, and binging is a sign that you need the food anyway, to rebuild yourself.

    Good luck for this week! I believe in you!


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