Monday, August 19, 2013

Goals of the Week 53

I haven't done this for two or three weeks now- once because I was on vacation, and after that I forgot last week. 
So I am starting anew!

My b/p goal for this week is to have 3 good days. 

My non b/p goal is to make mini goals until I get back to school.

I have been having a tough time lately. It will pass. 


  1. Sorry to hear that things have been tough for you. Life always goes up and down. Stay strong and you will get through all this! :)
    I was actually wondering why you weren't doing your 'goals of the week' anymore haha XD It's lovely to see you posting them again! :)
    Good luck with your new goals!
    xx <3

  2. Hang in there Emily
    You have a great ability to bounce back and continue fighting
    Making goals is great I think
    Good luck with them x

  3. everything will pass sweetie
    I love you
    I hope it all goes on well for you, okay?
    and those sound realistic and just. just like you always are with these goals ^_^
    I hope you have a good week

    -Sam Lupin

  4. Feelings change based on our actions, thoughts, needs and wants. Once we get an idea of what those things are we get a better idea on how to live a happy balanced life.

  5. Good luck with your goals and stay strong. Set yourself goals that you know you can manage, and you will succeed with them. 3 good days seems manageable and realistic, any more is a bonus and you should be so proud of yourself!


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