Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stupid Stupid Stupid Girl

I was very stressed out from work today and yesterday, and Ed was whispering in my ear about all my mistakes. I couldn't have a rational conversation with him, so I made his words into a silly poem. It took some of the anxiety away. 

You stupid stupid stupid girl
I ought to give your head a twirl.
You were an hour late to work-
Everyone thinks you’re a jerk.
You let someone fall out of bed!
If there were Karma you’d be dead.
You didn’t ask to help your friend.
They’re thinking “thank god she’s almost at the end.”
Your words come muddled from your lips.
It’s on YOUR watch the patient trips.
You suck, you’re fat, you’re short, you’re stout.
I can’t believe no one’s found you out.
They think you’re the one to blame
But you’re too disliked to play that game.
They hate you cause you barely speak.
They know you’re a really weird-ass geek.
They think you’re vain, that you don’t care.
They’d never invite you anywhere.
But mostly it’s because you’re dumb.
Naïve as a baby that sucks its thumb.
Go cry you stupid stupid brat.
Then go eat stupid cause you’re fat. 


  1. I actually loved your poem! It's pretty much how Ed sounds like to me, too.

    Don't let it get to you. If you really were that bad, you wouldn't realize it. The worst people are the ones who can't see their own mistakes.

    Stay Strong <3

  2. Love it! What a great way to de-power Ed (I'm tired okay, I can't think of a proper antonym for 'empower'). Anything to combat the lies he tells you, because they're just that; lies.

    Keep fighting hun <3 xx

  3. Wow I love this XD I wish I could write poems as well as you do, but sadly I suck at it haha XD
    I hate how eating disorders make you feel hopeless and useless all the time and make you think that you have absolutely no potential... :( but don't listen to Ed, he's a dickhead! Everything he tells you is just lies!

  4. poem really?
    that's one way to look at it.
    let's read it sweetie x
    this actually made me giggle.
    but awwwwwwww :( the words though behind it though. i'm so sorry you feel that way.
    you are a beautiful human being x
    and i'm glad that you're empowering over this asshole. Ed is just this asshole you have to leave because abusive relationship

    -Sam Lupin

  5. This was great Emily. The inner monologue in my head is not as eloquent but the message is very similar. When its bad I play some music and try to get a song stuck in my head.

  6. Btw, I am on the teen unit right now at the hospital but I just was told someone fell out of bed on my normal unit. We generally have 65% of the falls for the hospital due to age and medical problems, so its not your fault, I blame gravity. :)


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