Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mini Paintings

I've been feeling better.
I had my last session of therapy today and it ended on a good note. I might go back to her, after not going back to at least 3 others. 

Yesterday I got my first ticket. It was stupid decision after stupid decision, and I just screwed everything up. So I got a citation, and I was going to go home and pretend like it never happened. I mean, I was going to pay it, just so that my parents would never find out. 
But I told them in the end, and it turned out much better than I expected. Both my parents have gotten tickets and they reassured me that it was okay.
It makes me wonder if I should try telling them again about Ed...

And I also spent some time painting, with the results below. I think they came out pretty well (actually I'm really proud of them, which is why I'm posting them), and it put me in a good mood. 


  1. the night one is my favourite.
    you are so creative. your paintings are lovely. you are lovely.
    you are amazing.
    don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
    (and you're not boring. fuck you, Ed).

    <3 <3

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Amazing paintings! I love the third one, with the night sky and trees. You have every right to be proud. Creation has gotta be one of the best feelings.

    Maybe you should try talking to your parents again about Ed. They seem to be great supports. Though you've finished therapy, did you ever talk to your therapist about telling your parents?

    Anyway I'm glad to hear therapy ended on a good note. And again, I love the paintings!


  3. The paintings are really good!!! So jealous! ^-^

  4. I really like the night one the best, like everyone else said. :) The arts are such a great way to let go of things. I hope that if you decide to tell your parents that everything goes okay!

  5. Aww the paintings are so cute and amazing. I wish I could paint I can draw but I suck as adding color :-/

  6. So beautiful Emily
    You are multi talented young lady

    I think it might be a good idea to tell your parents of you think it would be beneficial to you and they will support you
    Maybe test the waters by bringing up EDs in general and see how they respond

    Take care lovely x

  7. wow your paintings are beautiful! You are very talented :)

  8. Ooohh, I like the third one!! You're really good at painting, hope you know that! eeehh, first ticket, I would've freaked out but I'm glad you told your parents. I know school starts for you soon as well, I hope you have a great start! <3

  9. You are so talented! I love your paintings, particularly the night one, and the rainbow one!

    I hope painting helped you let the ticket go, and I'm glad your parents were understanding.


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