Saturday, August 31, 2013

Boredom and Ed

This week my computer broke. It was my fault because I went out in the rain with it in my backpack, and it got soaked.
So I bought a new one and now I'm mourning the loss of my data as well as all my saved settings and everything.
I was only without a computer for three days, but it was the longest three days of my life. It's sad but I depend on my computer for a LOT. I depend on it for entertainment, for communication, for knowledge, for distraction.
Without my computer I felt tense and stressed, even though I had no reason to be. I was lost. I was without any support. All my data kept me safe. Knowing I always had the option to just look things up whenever I wanted made me feel safe. Knowing I could access this blog without anyone possibly finding out made me feel safe. 
Needless to say, this was a huge stressor and I did binge once. There was just nothing else to do. I could spend about 30 minutes on a computer tops. And that left the rest of the day wide open for things that I didn't really feel like doing. I couldn't record music, I couldn't do my homework, I couldn't do anything, so I had to eat. 
I do think that boredom is a big trigger. It just doesn't feel right to be sitting there doing nothing. Eating is something to do, something to take time away from the day. It means you're accomplishing SOMETHING. 
Anyone else feel the same way?


  1. Actually, my computer died literally the day before classes started. I had more hope for you, HP... It will turn on but as soon as it wakes up and I get to the desktop the screen just goes black and then it turns itself off. I was pretty much freaking out because I have some school bills and my phone bill that needs paid and all of it is a lot of money, especially a new computer. My uncle and grandparents talked about it and decided to get me one as a graduation present (the one that died was a damn high school graduation present!) they ended up getting me a super nice macbook so I've just been borrowing one from my college. I have to say, it really is a stressor to not have a computer. All my homework is accessed online, I need to type up Word documents of my assignments, and when I work midnight to four am I want to watch Netflix. I totally understand you! I'm glad you got a new one! Although, eating makes me feel like it's something I should do just because it's necessary. Working out makes me feel more accomplished, I guess.

  2. holy shit i'd die if my laptop broke
    honestly I think it's true. boredom does do a lot. in fact, I think that everything else in my day is just a distraction from the main event which is food. the only thing that matters is that I eat apparently. I don't know why. it's just...the day is there just for the best thing: which is food. I count hours until I eat again and I don't go long without it.
    it's strange

    -Sam Lupin

  3. I feel exactly the same about my laptop - literally don't know what I would do all day every day without it!

  4. I don't use a regular computer very much but I am completly addicted to my phone. I use it for everything and when I am without it I feel lost and lonely. I wanted a laptop but I came to the conclusion that instead I am going to get the galaxy note and use it as a phone and tablet. I only make a few phone calls a week so I think it would be the most useful. But its a really big decision for me and I know I won't act on it for another month at least!


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