Friday, November 30, 2012

Protective Factors

Protective factors are factors that, well, protect you. The more of them you have the less likely it is that you'll get whatever disease they protect against. 
here are the ones for eating disorders:

High self esteem
Positive body image
Critical processing of media images
Emotional well-being
school achievement
being self directive and assertive
Good social skills with success in performing in different social roles
problem solving and coping skills
belonging to family that does not overemphasize weight or attractiveness
eating regular meals with the family
belonging to a less westernized culture
involvement in a sport with no emphasis on attractiveness
peer and social support structures where weight is not a high concern
authoritative parents

I bolded all the ones I definitely have. 
I only need one more to make half! I didn't highlight emotional well-being because I have bulimia, which probably means I don't have emotional well-being. Same with problem solving skills, even though I think I do have them in other areas. 
What about you?

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  1. -school achievement
    -belonging to family that does not overemphasize weight or attractiveness ( They never had problems with it, but I did)
    -eating regular meals with the family( either eating really small amounts or eating normal with purging)
    -authoritative parents

    I wish there were more, choosing only 4 is really bad, isn't it :)
    I'm actually good at solving problems others have I always come up with a solution, yet I seem to be unable to solve my own problems and help myself...


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