Friday, November 9, 2012

Rearranging Cues

This week the study module was about techniques for avoiding bulimic behaviors. I figured we were done with that, since we'd already done thought restructuring and alternate behaviors, but I guess there are many many ways to avoid behaviors. Which is good! 
One of those ways is rearranging cues. 
There are three subcategories of this:
1. avoiding cues
The therapist said it was okay to avoid cues in the beginning but that eventually we should get up to the point where we don't have to. I don't know when that is, though.

2. Do one thing
This means living in the moment or not doing multiple things at the same time. For example, don't read or watch TV while you eat. Or eat when you watch TV. Similarly, don't think about food when you're doing other things. Sometimes I'll be doing some mindless task and my thoughts will drift to food, which makes me more likely to binge. Focusing on doing well at that one task would be more effective. 
Our therapist suggested sitting down, making your space comfortable, getting rid of other cues, and counting chews in order to focus when you eat, instead of just munching mindlessly. 

3. Strengthen Cues for Desired Behavior
You probably have cues that make you want to eat. When I go into certain buildings, I always pass vending machines which makes me want to get snacks out of them. I could avoid this, or I could do something like have my piano music in my hand so that I have a stronger cue to go practice rather than eat. 
This one I don't see working very well for me, but maybe it'll help someone out there. 

I'm definitely going to work on doing one thing, because more often than not I turn on my computer when I eat because I like to be entertained while I'm guzzling down food. 


  1. Mary and I were just talking about this today.
    She was explaining what mindfulness is, it's basically being aware of your surroundings and being mindful of what you are doing.
    I always eat in front of the tv and she tells me that it is better to eat at the table and with others.
    The tv is a trigger for me to binge, when the ads come on I automatically get up to get food and I'm trying to break this habit.

    You are doing well Emily

    Take care x

  2. Great tips! Hopefully they will prove effective for you as well!
    love always,


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