Thursday, September 13, 2012

CBT Study

Today I binged and purged. I can’t let it turn into a cycle again, so I have to restrain myself. It’s going to be the only time this week that it happens.

Today was my first day in a treatment study for bulimia. The study is testing the effects of CBT administered via chat versus face-to-face. I think most people would agree that face-to-face is the better method, but who knows, maybe this treatment will work too. I’m in a group with two other girls (well, not really girls, since they’ve both graduated college and are holding down steady jobs) and one administrator who likes to use lots of exclamation points. Today we didn’t spend that much time talking because we had to sort out any technical issues and tell a little bit about ourselves to the small group. However, since it’s such a small group I have a feeling that this could be a really good experience.
My last time in treatment people were rotated in and out rather quickly, so I never got a chance to really bond with anyone. This is a 20 week program, and since it’s such a small group, no voice will be overpowered. I like that. 
I'm going to try to post some useful things I learn from the treatment on this blog for everyone to see. 

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  1. That sounds like a really worthwhile thing to do Emily. Anything that helps us get better is worth doing. I wish you the bes of luck with it.
    It's nice that it's a small group and from what I've read you seem to feel safe

    Take care x


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