Saturday, September 29, 2012


Just like with body parts, I ran out of positive traits. So I'm digging up one that I had neglected and now I will embrace it. 
That trait is charisma. 
I am a very shy person, but if I'm comfortable, I think I'm a great public speaker and I can get people to do what I want. One example might be that in my last year of debate I won several first place trophies. My arguments were no better than anyone else's, so it was all down to my speaking ability. 
Another example is that in a roomful of strangers I can easily make a good first impression. (Usually my second impression leaves much to be desired, but whatever) And when I go dancing I always try to make my dance partner feel like I'm having lots of fun with him (and I usually am.)
I'm going to take this trait and work on it and let it shine through. I know I can be charismatic, so I just need to let that show in all areas of my life, not just a few.
What trait do you love about yourself today? 

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  1. Charisma... good choice! If I'd choose a trait about myself I guess it would be... Friendly? I'm always friendly with everyone and tht's why I have so many friends. So today when I go out I'll be extra friendly. Oh and btw a friend of mine told my boyfriend bout my ED. She asked him not to tell me, but she told me she did. So he knows but he doesn't know I know he knows. HAHA. Got it? He now keeps asking me what I ate. I guess it's going to be extra hard to purge now that he knows since we live together.

    Keep strong!


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