Sunday, September 23, 2012


The last body part that I love this week is my hands. I wasn't going to write about them, because I think my fingers are short and stubby, but after failing to come up with anything else I decided that from now on I'm going to love them, stubby fingers and all. My hands are incredibly small- not small for me, but small in comparison to everyone else on the planet. I like that because it makes me feel small. 
My hands are also great because of what I can do with them. I can hold onto my boyfriend's neck as he kisses me. I can pretend that my hands are freezing (they usually are for real) and someone will press my fingers against his warm palms. I can use my hands to dance. I can use them to type and write and pick up a bow. Hands are wonderful things!
What body part do you love about yourself today?


  1. Today I love my nose
    It's quite a small nose
    With it I can smell the scent of flowers
    Freshly cut grass in the morning
    The smell of baked bread in the morning

    Love these posts x

  2. I love these posts.. :)
    I love my lips.. always have- and I think I always will hehe


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