Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Luscious Lips

My body part that I love today is my lips. They're nicely shaped, and they're plump (at least for a fully Anglo Saxon girl). I love what I can do with them. I can kiss my boyfriend on the forehead when he's feeling overwhelmed by work, I can run them over smooth pieces of metal and feel the sensation scorch my skin, and I can paint them to look beautiful. I can smile with them- either sarcastically or really. I can smooch my boyfriend with them. I can bask in their tingling when someone gets too close. 
Lips are wonderful things.  


  1. Such a happy post, love it ^_^ Xo

  2. Love this positive post!
    We spend so much time thinking about the parts of our bodies we hate and I love that you love your lips

    Keep spreading the love x

  3. I love my lips too. And I love youre idea of loving yourself and your bodies. We spend so much time hating different parts, but they are parts of our self, and love it or not, you can not cut it off.


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