Monday, September 3, 2012

Goals of the Week 8

It's hard to believe I've been doing goals for two months now. They have helped a little bit. There have definitely been times where I wanted to do something contrary to my goal and was able to stop myself in order to achieve it. 
My binge/purge goal of last week was to not binge on dessert foods. I lasted 5 days. That's a lot, considering how poorly I had been doing at home! I'm going to keep the same goal this week, because I think it's a worthwhile goal and I think I can do it this week! 
My non-binge/purge goal was to spend at least an hour a day with the other suites. I think I did that but I'm not entirely sure. Mostly when I'm in their suite I'm spending time with my boyfriend and not with the other members, but they do see me and sometimes I talk to them. Does that count? 
My new goal will be to write my short story about the eating disordered person. Technically it's just homework, but it's homework that relates to this illness. 
What are your goals for the week?


  1. thank you for the comment :) And keep up the good work. Goals really help so much when it comes to the binging/purging thing. I've been dealing with that for what seems like forever and when i set goals for myself i can tell it gets better.

    My goal for this week is to try to keep my emotions at bay and notice when i start to feel a shift coming on earlier and handle them in a healthy way :) (by not drinking to feel normal, binging, or blacking out from anxiety)

  2. My goal for the week?
    I'd have to say... Be happy. Be content. I need to realize what I have is amazing and not take it for granted. I need to stop sabotaging my relationships because I'm afraid of being abandoned...
    And great job on making it the five days! That's really good :) <3

  3. I think you are doing great.. Keep at it hon.
    My goals for this week.. I want to practice more portion control.

    Gl with yours hon :)


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