Monday, September 17, 2012

Goals of the Week 10

My binge/purge goal for last week was to follow my meal plan. That worked 5/7 days. That seems to be a pattern for me. I don't really know why. I purged one time this week, although I don't think another instance will happen like that again. Since I started the study, I felt some pressure to purge in order to look like I still needed treatment. Since I did purge, I was able to reorganize my thoughts and I will continue to remind myself that they can't kick me out of the study even if I binge 0 times. Besides, now that I've started, any binge/purge free days will be attributed to the treatment. 
My new goal is to not eat dessert this week. Every time I binge it starts with dessert, so I want to stay away from it. Today I had a whole bunch of nutella at breakfast, but since I burned off 200 calories in gym I can plan throughout the day consume less than what I burn. 

My non binge/purge goal was to practice my instrument twice. Ha! I didn't do it, but I didn't feel too poorly about not doing it. My new goal will be to choose one body part that I like on myself each day of the week. Today that body part is my ass. It seems weird coming from someone who thinks she's fat, but I actually think butts should be nice and round and squishy. Therefore, I am perfectly happy with mine. 
What are your goals for the week?
What's one body part you like on yourself? 


  1. My goal this week is also not to purge
    if I could just get one good day, I know I can build on that.
    As for a body part than I like, I like my hair at the moment but that's about it.
    I don't like to look in the mirror too much and even in the shower I avoid looking at myself. It upsets me too much.

    I understand what you mean when you say you feel the need to show disordered behaviour because of the study. Now that I have the label of anorectic/bulimic I feel I have to live up to that label. Does that make sense.

    Stay well Emily x

    1. I hope you completed your goal!
      And yes, it makes sense that you would feel like you have to live up to the label. I think that's kind of what I was feeling too. But then I thought, do I even want that label?

  2. Just read your last two posts.. So sorry you had B/P episode.. glad you got it down to once this week.. and GL on the this weeks goal :)

  3. Dude, you are so awesome. :) Nothing wrong with loving a booty though. :) I don't think I could do that for more than like... three days. I'd have to recycle them. Contradictory if you think about it to restrict to get skinny because life and my body sucks, but still try to make yourself love that same body. Good luck with your goals darling. i know you can make it. Xo

    1. Yeah now that it's later in the week I'm having trouble coming up with body parts that I like. And there are so many of them too! We should be able to find more than three. :(

  4. I don't like my butt, since I lost much weight, I lost my butt too :D
    But I love my eyes, they are blue..ocean blue, and with make up I can do so much to highlight them and look even more beautiful.
    I love reading your goals, they motivate me to make my own. We all slip up sometimes, but overall you are doing great and so much better compared to how I have been doing lately. Good luck this week

    1. A couple people have commented now that they love their eyes. I guess it's good because it means that there's at least one part of the body that's less affected by EDs. Good luck the rest of this week and keep loving your eyes! :)


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