Monday, July 22, 2013

Goals of the Week 52

I have been doing goals of the week for a full year now! I can't believe it. Days pass by so quickly, and this blog still feels new to me. 
I started goals of the week after finishing an outpatient ED program which asked us to write goals for the week. They told us not to make goals about throwing up or bingeing, which supposedly makes it less likely for you to engage in those behaviors. I can see where that thinking comes from, but for me having a clear goal in mind about bingeing helps me to stop myself when I need to. (I mean, stop Ed from taking over me) 
You wouldn't know it looking at this past week, though. My goal was to not binge for 4 days in a row, with a subgoal of every time I couldn't fight an urge to let myself overeat. 
I guess you could say that I didn't technically binge for 4 days in a row. I overate 3 of those 4 days though, so I don't know if it counts. If overeating counts as a binge, they were very small binges, which I consider improvement at the very least. 
My new b/p goal is to make it at least a week without purging (I'm already 4 days in) and have 4 days in a row of normal eating. Yesterday can be day 1. 

My non b/p goal was to ask myself what Ed wants me to do and what I need to do to stay in recovery. Again, it was helpful, and maybe this week I'll post a couple examples of what I said. I'm going to continue with this, but I don't think I need to make it a goal anymore. Instead, my goal will be to contact 3 people from group outside of the therapy sessions. I want to be friends with them, and I'm afraid that I'm putting them off somehow. 

What are your goals? 


  1. I'm currently weight loss orientated - aiming to lose 10 pounds before September :)

  2. Congrats for doing 'goals of the week' for a whole year! That is actually a really good idea.. I would also like to try something like this :) Lately I have been struggling, and my goal is to make it through this week without relapsing.
    We can do this! Be strong! xx :)

  3. Woah... a whole year!! Well done! I'm very proud of you and you should be, too! Don't ever let the relapses turn you down. Just learn from them and move forward!

    I have no goals of the week, but right now I'm just focusing on trying harder with the binge urges. I haven't rreeeally been bingeing, but my mom and my lack of energy to buy healthy food made me eat fatty stuff, which I do not consider a very healthy habit, considering I get addicted to them VERY easily.

    xoxo and stay strong!


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