Thursday, July 25, 2013

Profile of a Serial Killer

Ed isn’t just an abusive partner.
He’s a serial killer. In fact, he’s the worst serial killer on Earth. He’s been working since before the dark ages, and he’ll continue to kill until our planet is consumed by the sun.
The reasons are that he takes different names, he has different MOs, and people refuse to arrest him.
To me he’s Ed. Other people call him Mia or Ana. But those are the names people recognize as serial killers. He can also disguise himself as Healthy Eating, Diet, Exercise, Spirituality, Independence, and sometimes Power. He looks attractive, with clear skin, beautiful blond hair and eyes that sparkle like his smile. His hugs are warm and he’ll give you presents to make his way into your house. Victims give him their guest bedroom to keep. They don’t know that he’s like a gold digger, except he digs for life, happiness, and beauty. Where do you think he got all that vitality from?

He kills every victim a different way, but he does have some preferred methods. He likes to starve people. He’ll watch them and keep them locked away in their own attics, making sure that no morsels of food pass their lips. He blows up people’s stomachs by forcing them to eat and eat and eat. Sometimes he likes to hand them their own murder weapon and make them use it on themselves.
Recently I’ve obtained evidence that he gives people strokes. One survivor reports that he scarred her for life with epilepsy, a seizure disorder. Another one, not quite as lucky, can’t move an entire side of her body because of a stroke he gave her.
Ed gives people sepsis, infections of the blood.
The only similarities were found in autopsies of the mind, where it was revealed that all victims had low self-esteem, tumors of fear, and anxiety.

The worst part is that people refuse to hand him over. And when he’s stopped, he’s released again and again to find new victims. The people he targets love him. They’ll cling to him even if their families try to send him away. That is, until he starts torturing them, and by then he’s already made them so weak it can take years to tear his grip.
Depending on his MO, Ed can walk right by families and friends without being noticed.
Other people won’t arrest him because they say it’s not their problem. They say they can’t help you until you help yourself. A lot of times they don’t understand that Ed kills people for fun. Police don’t have enough evidence because no one puts “Ed” down as a cause of death. Instead they write “heart attack,” or something of that nature.
People can’t kill Ed because he has his grip on them too. They’re brainwashed to believe in his various disguises, brainwashed to fear fat, brainwashed to think that Ed is a teenage angst problem that goes away on its own, like acne.

Beware. He will come for you or someone you know. Don’t let him murder. 


  1. I love this! Very well written too.

  2. This was beautifully written. It gives a different perspective on things. I love the way you're separating Emily from Ed lately. Keep fighting hun <3


  3. You describe it perfectly Emily
    I have no doubt that my ED wants me dead
    It wants to poison my body and my mind
    I have to fight
    I won't let her win x

  4. Very well written, and so true. Eating disorders become like people, like murderers. Killing you slowly

  5. I love this post!... This actually reminds me of a dream I had last year (I mentioned it on my blog actually... )
    I dreamed that I was a ballerina, and I was auditioning with a good looking male dancer. But as we danced, he turned into a monster, and in the end he picked me up and threw me into the air.
    I think the guy in my dream symbolizes eating disorder... So appealing, yet so dangerous. And it just proceeds to kill you as time goes by...

  6. Loved it! Love the way you talk about Ed. I'd never heard of it before. Ana and mia, of course. Looking back on my 15 y/o self... Jee... That was hard. Ed had total control over me!

    But not anymore. We're fighters!


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