Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You've Probably Had this Conversation

Ed: You’re fat.
Me: Why do you say that?
Ed: Because. You gained almost 10 pounds this summer. Look at that flab on your belly. And your pants are tight now. Your jeans barely fit.
Me: I know. But I'm healthy, not like those other times. I’m doing exercise now. I eat better.
Ed: No you don’t. You still binge. And you eat TONS of sweets.
Me: I have a lot of time to fix this. I didn’t gain 10 pounds, I gained 8. And I will lose it all once school starts again.
Ed: Damn right you will, because I won’t let you put a morsel of food in your mouth.
Me: Fine. I’ll let you do that if you leave me be right now.
Ed: Why not start early? I can help you lose weight. Just open up and let me pour in the thinness.
Me: You mean pour in the calories.
Ed: What’s the difference? You can eat all you want. That entire jar of peanut butter on the table will be nothing once I get through with you.
Me: I don’t feel like purging.
Ed: But you feel like eating.
Me: I’m not hungry. I’m going to drink some water.
Ed: Back to your weight.
Me: I’m healthy. No one says I look fat.
Ed: That’s because they’re being nice.
Me: I hate you. Stop making me feel bad.
Ed: Stop being fat.
Me: I’m going to walk away from you. I am not fat. I gained muscle from my job. That probably accounts for a couple pounds.
Ed: That and all the calories you eat.
Me: Yes, I’m eating more than enough calories per day. But I’m not bingeing so often anymore either. You’re scared because I’m cutting you out of my life. I don’t owe you anything. Just get out of my house.


  1. I have that conversation on a very regular basis :/ xxx

  2. SO proud of you! Sorry I was away for so long, but I had a lot to figure out. Broke up with my bf last week though and I feel better.

    But anyways, you should check my blog because I just posted new stuff bout binging. I started focusing on stopping the binge about 5 weeks ago. I still struggle sometimes but it's sooo much better than before! Also, don't do it for your weight. Do it whenever YOU feel ready, and do it for whatever other reasons you find. Doing it to lose weight is a better idea and definitely the wrong motivation to start with. Now lemme check the rest of your blog :)


  3. Um, yesterday, this morning, 10 minutes ago. Wish I could say the last few lines.

  4. All the time...
    Well done on being able to tell ED that you're going to walk away. "Get out of my house", love it.

    Keep fighting dear xx


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